The Library Board of Trustees is composed of representantives from the 7 districts of Laurens County. The board chairman leads the meetings and voices the final opinions there of; including policy changes, financial management, and the hiring/dismissal of the library director. Board members are expected to voice the concerns and desires of people within their county district, as to insure the Laurens County Public Libraries continue to properly serve the needs of the community at large.

The members of the Board are appointed by the Laurens County Council.  Terms are for four (4) years and should be a registered elector residing in Laurens County. Terms can be amended per statute.  Board members may succeed themselves.  Terms will expire on December 31st of the year of the Council Members’ term expiration.  In the event a vacancy, the Council Member for the unexpired term of the appointee shall fill such vacancy for the unexpired term of the appointee.  No compensation.

Those interested in serving as part of the board -in lieu of a current or upcoming vacancy- should reach out to their county council representative for consideration.

Current Serving Members
Rose A. Blackstone December 31, 2026 #1; Younts
Iris Bearden December 31, 2024 #2; Rankin
Wanda Woody (President) December 31, 2024 #3; VACANT
Pamela Bennett December 31, 2026 #4; Patterson
Shirley R. Jefferson (Vice President) December 31, 2026 #5; Carroll
Velma Austin December 31, 2024 #6; Anderson
VACANT December 31, 2024 #7; Tribble
2024 Minutes
2023 Minutes
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