• You must have a LCPL card in order to reserve a room.
  • For questions about available times, please contact the library at 864-681-7323.
  • All users will abide by the following regulations found here: PDF iconMeeting Room Policy
  • For a paper application:  PDF iconMeeting Room Application
First and Last Name
Street Address
**Food and Drink are allowed in this room only.
Please include time required to setup.
Please include time required to clean up.
Please enter a number from 0 to 75
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RESPONSIBILITY AGREEMENT: I have read and on behalf of the above listed name/organization agree to be bound by the “Laurens County Public Library System for Public Use of Meeting Rooms” and rules established to govern the use of the Library’s rooms. I understand that I am responsible for damages, repairs or special cleaning needs to Library facilities, furnishings and equipment resulting from use – and that failure to comply with any aspect of the policy may result in immediate or future loss of room privileges.