FULL (Fun, Ultimate, Lifelong Learning) Bags

Have a full experience with a FULL (Fun, Ultimate, Lifelong Learning) bag! Each bag has a specific theme and contains a mix of books, audiobooks, DVDs, and other items related to the theme. We have ancestry bags if you are interested in learning more about your family tree and watching celebrities discover their roots. Do you follow the royal family? We have a royal family bag which contains DVDs and books with everything on the royal family! We have bags for hardcore fans of these television series (and books): Downton Abbey, Game of Thrones, The Handmaid’s Tale, and Longmire. We have Stephen King and Nicholas Sparks author bags as well! Love cooking? Love baking? Want to try a new diet? We have these bags to help you: America’s Test Kitchen, Great British Bake Off, Keto Diet and Whole30. Each bag checks out for three weeks so you have plenty of time to enjoy its contents. Just visit the Laurens County Library or Clinton Public Library and ask a staff member to check out a bag.