Donald Sweeper Presents: Richard T. Greener

Join us as we welcome Donald Sweeper back to the Laurens Library for another entertaining and informative portrayal of a distinguished African American.

Mr. Sweeper brings to life professor Richard T. Greener, the first African American to graduate from Harvard University and the first African American faculty to teach at the University of South Carolina during Reconstruction from 1873-1877. At the University of South Carolina, Greener reorganized and cataloged the library holdings which were in disarray after the Civil War. In character as Richard Greener, Mr. Sweeper will dramatize the frustration and disappointment Greener experienced when Wade Hampton became governor and closed the university in 1877 to rid the school of blacks only to reopen in 1880 as an all-white institution. Greener then became Dean of the Howard University Law School in the District of Columbia. After the reenactment Mr. Sweeper will have a question and answer period