About Us

The Laurens County Library is a county-wide system operating two branches, a bookmobile and book deposits for senior citizens. The Library is governed by a seven member Board of Trustees appointed by the Laurens County Council. Most of the Library’s funding is allocated by Laurens County Council, but support is also received from the State of South Carolina, from the cities of Laurens and Clinton, through federal grants for specific projects and from patron donations.

Board of Trustees

John W. Womack
Laurens, SC
Wanda S. Woody, Co-vice-chairman
Clinton, SC
Shirley R. Jefferson, Co-vice-chairman
Laurens, SC
Annette Senn Crawford
Joanna, SC
Sandra H. Power
Laurens, SC
Rose A. Blackstone
Gray Court, SC
Velma M. Austin
Clinton, SC
Ann R. Szypulski, Library Director, ex-officio

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Library Card Application

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The Sculpture

A sculpture designed and built by students of School District #55 stands on the grounds of the Library. Linda Revis, Art teacher, was in charge of the project and was instrumental in getting the work placed here so that it would be in a prominent place in the county.

The artist-in-residence who helped the students is Bob Doster, internationally acclaimed artist and sculptor. He works from the Backstreet Studio in Lancaster, SC. A grant allowed the school district to retain him to teach the students and to help design the sculpture.

The design of the sculpture has no specific meaning or representation. Students at E.B. Morse Elementary School submitted sections of the design and Mr. Doster helped coordinate these into the final structure.

After the design was completed, welding students at Laurens District #55 High School, under the direction of their teacher Tony Wilson, built the sculpture.

The metal for the project was donated by Consolidated Fabricators of Clinton, SC.

The Murals

The Laurens County Library has two murals in the children’s area of the library. They were done as a memorial for Margaret Haynes who served as children’s librarian for thirty-one years until her retirement in 1995.

One of the murals depicts the Owings train depot and a caboose disappearing into a tunnel. It is placed near the Reading Train, a popular feature in the library. The other mural fills an entire wall with the flora and fauna of a rain forest.

Laurens artist Skip Shelton and assistants painted the murals.

The Meeting Room

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(Note: The Library Application form fields can be completed using Adobe Acrobat or a modern web browser such as Chrome.)

The Laurens County Library System offers use of its meeting rooms to the citizens, groups, and businesses of Laurens County, for non-profit purposes. Laurens County Library programs will receive priority in scheduling, and other meetings may be cancelled, rescheduled or relocated, with notice, if in conflict with the operation of the library. Government departments and agencies of Laurens County will also receive priority status.

Nonprofit organizations and groups will be granted permission for free use of the meeting room on a first-come, first-served basis, upon application by an adult Laurens County citizen with a library card in good standing and a valid ID. Reservations will be maintained on a calendar year basis, with applications taken in December.

For profit businesses and organizations in Laurens County are welcome to use the meeting rooms for training or development purposes. A rental fee of $50.00 will be charged if used for informational meetings for the public, or for any profit making purpose.

All users will abide by the following regulations:

  1. All meetings must be open to the public free of charge. Library staff reserves the right to monitor any meeting.
  2. The meeting room applicant accepts full responsibility for proper conduct of those attending the meeting and for any damage to Library property by those attending.
  3. While admission charges to events are not allowed, users of the facilities may charge for registration or materials used in the program or allow membership fees to be collected. Money may not be collected for any other purpose. Sale of services or goods on site is prohibited unless sponsored by the Library.
  4. Organizations or individuals using Library meeting rooms shall be required to indemnify and hold harmless the Library from any and all claims or actions attributable to the use of the Library facilities.
  5. Weekly meetings may be reserved only two months in advance.
  6. As a courtesy, cancellations should be made at least 48 hours in advance. The library may cancel remaining meetings if reservations are not kept.
  7. Users must vacate the room by closing time.
  8. Users are responsible for set-up and must leave the room as found. Additional cleaning or damage fees will be charged if necessary.
  9. Food & drinks, but no alcoholic beverages, may be served. Food and drink may not be taken out of meeting rooms.
  10. Users of the facilities may not use the Library as a mailing address. Publicity announcing meetings must state, “This program is not sponsored by the Library.”

The library reserves the right to cancel, reschedule or relocate any meeting.

Approved by the Laurens County Library System Board of Trustees July 21, 2010.